Assorted Fabrics

Every Type of Fabric Under the Sun

That's literally what you'll find as soon as you step foot into our showroom. Whether upholstering a car, a loveseat, sewing material for a ball gown or baby booties, Foam Rubber & Fabric Outlet has everything you need. We have materials for all season in a variety of styles - all displayed at amazing discounts!

Unique Apparel Fabrics for All Projects

Are you just jumping into the world of sewing or have you been holding a bobbin for as long as you can remember? We can help you either way. Whatever your needs be, you're sure to find a solution with our unique and custom fabric options.

You Won't Find Another Store That's More Qualified

You won't just drop by a random store in Tennessee and find a similar offering. At Foam Rubber & Fabric Outlet, you can search through broadcloth, cotton prints, fleece, flannel, and sheeting. With our range of fabric options, you can get creative with tulle, camo, felt, and muslin.
Each piece is sold by the yard, so you never have to purchase more than you need. Take your time and inspect our inventory. Let our quality pieces inspire you to get into sewing.
  • Broadcloth: $4.50 per yard
  • Cotton Prints: $4.50 per yard
  • Fleece: $4.95 per yard
  • Flannel: $4.95 per yard
  • Sheeting: $4.95 per yard
  • Tulle: $0.99 per yard
  • Camo: $5.95 per yard
  • Felt: 72" Wide - $7.95 per yard
  • Muslin: 45" Wide - $3.95 per yard and 90" Wide - $6.95 per yard
  • 10 oz. Duck Cloth: 60" Wide - $5.95 per yard
We can help you with your custom project.
Call us at 865-524-4251 or drop by our store today.
Blend textiles and mix and match patterns. Don't be afraid to get creative.
At these outlet prices, you're sure to snatch some great savings.
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