Take Advantage of the Versatility of Foam

Is there a better way to end a long day than by losing yourself in the comforting support of foam cushions? Late night infomercials have sparked a rise in popularity and a significant increase in pricing. Big or small, the foam solutions at Foam Rubber & Fabric Outlet can be customized for your job. Our outlet prices allow you to take care of them all.

Memory Foam Mattress

Save yourself the trouble of balancing monthly payments that'll soon total thousands of dollars. Shop at the Foam Rubber & Fabric Outlet to get the sleep you deserve for a fraction of the cost. Our custom cut starts from as low as $0.80 per square feet.

Get Custom Cut Foams

Use standard foam to custom cut mattress tops and eggshells from twin-sized beds up to king-sized beds. At our store, you'll even find what you need to make custom cut dog beds. With widths ranging from 1" to 6", upgrade to 3 lb. memory foam with cooling gel for additional comfort.
Medium and high-density foam is great for creating custom cushions for your couches and chairs. 4 1/2" to 6 1/2" widths can be purchased for as low as $4.75 per square foot. Restore vintage finds or refresh treasure family heirlooms to be enjoyed for the years to come. Call or visit us to get started.
Foam Price List
We can help you with your custom project.
Call us at 865-524-4251 or drop by our store today.
After sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you'll regret for having waited for so long!
Don't put it off another day. Grab your measurements and get started with us.
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