Taking Care of Your Transportation

At Foam Rubber & Fabric Outlet, you'll find automotive, marine, and motorcycle vinyl fabrics available in different treatments. As for the rest of the foam rubber and fabric, you'll find it in our store. With our affordable outlet prices, you can get started today. We also have an assortment of clear and tablecloth vinyl in stock.

Vinyl Treatment Options

When you visit our store, you'll be able to locate traditional vinyl in a variety of colors and styles. Mostly these vinyl are nonresistant to UV rays. That's why, you may choose to purchase UV treated vinyl for outdoor usage on items such as transportation.

Some Common Uses for Vinyl

Vinyl is used to create signs, wrap cars, cover boat, and motorcycle seats or for flooring and siding. It can be found in the average car, boat or motorcycle. Vinyl coverings are placed over windows and special designs such as camo vinyl that's used for customizing items such as ATVs for outdoor excursions.
You'll also find many craft projects that call for vinyl fabric to create items such as decorative flowers. Scrapbookers, seamstress, and even interior decorators can all benefit from the closeout pricing found at the Foam Rubber & Fabric Outlet.
  • Automotive & Marine UV Treated: $10.95 per yard
  • Non UV Treated: $7.95 per yard
  • Camo Vinyl: $8.95 per yard
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